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Integration Fields to CDS Interface

If you have not already, and before moving on to this stage, please complete the sections above: Installation, Assisted Connection Setup Wizard, Assisted Application Setup Wizard, and Setup Checklist.

On the Astral GoCardless Setup Page, click on “Actions” (1) on the ribbon, click on “Common Data Service” (2) and select “Reset CDS Mandate Integration” (3):

Reset CDS Mandate Integration.img

Figure 1 | Reset CDS Mandate Integration

This will add the Integration fields to the CDS Interface and make them available to be integrated.

In the search bar enter “Integration Table Mappings” and select it from the list:

Business Central Search - Integration Table Mappings.img

Figure 2 | Business Central Search - Integration Table Mappings

The “Integration Table Mappings” screen will open and you will now have access to the GoCardless Mandate Integration:

Integration Table Mappings Screen.img

Figure 3 | Integration Table Mappings Screen