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The Creditor Page
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Each payment taken through the GoCardless API is linked to a “creditor”, to whom the payment is then paid out. In most cases your organisation will have a single “creditor”, but the API also supports collecting payments on behalf of others.


GoCardless Payment Method Code

The GoCardless Payment Method Code is a payment method that you can add to a customer record (and hence flowing through to Sales Invoices). It provides an additional method for filtering Sales Invoices that you want to be added to a Payment Batch.

Much of the information is populated from the data held in your GoCardless Merchant account, and is populated when the Assisted Connection Setup wizard is completed. However, there are a few fields which must be populated. These are as follows:

Fees G/L Account

Payments taken can be paid out each day for each Scheme that your merchant account is enabled for. The details of the “payout” are sent to Astral GoCardless as a “Payout”, with multiple “Payout Items”. These “Payout Items” will relate to not only the “Payment” that has been paid out, but also any “Fees” that have been deducted.

If the Fees being charged are not subject to VAT, you may chose to have the Fee amounts posted directly to the Income Statement.

If the Fees being charged are subject to VAT, it is recommended to create a "GoCardless Fees G/L Control Account" in the Balance Sheet, as shown in the following two screenshots.

Chart of Accounts showing Fee G/L Account Image

Figure 1 | Astral GoCardless Chart of Accounts

Fee G/L Account Image

Figure 2 | Astral GoCardless Fees G/L Account


This displays a count of the number of Schemes that are available for this Creditor record. The Schemes are populated with data from your GoCardless Merchant account when connecting (see details regarding the "Assisted Connection Setup" wizard).

Can Create Refunds

By default, Refunds are not enabled on your GoCardless account. You will need to contact to enable this on your Merchant Account.

Bank Account

In your GoCardless Merchant Account, you may have configured multiple Bank Accounts and linked them as they Payout Bank Account for a specific scheme. In this scenario, the "Bank ID" assigned to the Bank Account will be entered as the default bank account for a specific currency. Where a Currency has a Default Bank ID specified, you will need to enter the Business Central Bank Account No. to ensure that the Payout is posted to the correct Bank Account in Business Central.