Astral Recurring Invoices

Version History

Current Version

01 October 2021


New Functionality

The core extension now targets the version 18 release of Business Central.

Pre-defined Date Placeholders have been removed and replaced with a User-definable table. The User-definable table is pre-populated with the placeholders that used to be pre-defined. This means that the user can now create whatever Date Placeholders they require.

A new Recurring Invoice Category field (a link to a new Recurring Invoice Category table) has been added so that the user can assign a User-definable category to each template. This will allow the user to filter for a specific category, and then generate the invoices just for that category.

A new "Next Invoice Date" field has been added and displayed on the Recurring Invoice List page. It is populated when the schedule changes or after an invoice has been created. The field is also populated as part of the upgrade to the new version.

It is now possible to use all Items, and not just non-inventory ones.

"First Invoice Only" and "Added to First Invoice" fields have been added to the Recurring Invoice line. This means that you can set up a template, including a line that may only need to be invoiced once. If a line has the "First Invoice Only" field ticked, once the first invoice has been created, the "Added to First Invoice" field is ticked and it is then not added to further invoices generated from the template.

The Date Placeholders can now also be used with the "Posting Description" field.

Issue Resolutions

There are currently no known issues.

Coming Soon

We will be adding a Job Schedule task that can be used to auto-generate the invoices.

We will add the ability to auto-post new invoices that have been generated.

We will add a Role Centre and Setup page to better display the functionality and allow for easy configuration of the new functionality.

We will add revenue recognition functionlity. The extension currently works with Deferral Templates, but our internal version of the solution has a much easier to use solution that provides more flexibility and better visibility.

We will be adding a new "invoicing bucket" table (as you can see, the name is still to be confirmed) that will allow external systems to push data in to the table, and have the data collated and summarised on to the invoice lines that are generated from the template. This will be useful for items such as telephone call data or monthly user software licence changes.


For information on how to update the extension or how to check which version you have, click here.

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New Functionality

First release of Astral Recurring Invoices.

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