Astral Send

Version History

Current Version

30 June 2021


New Functionality

There is no new functionality in this release.

Issue Resolutions

An issue was reported where the 'Send to Name' was being set incorrectly when sending Service Invoices, but using the Customer's default email address as opposed to a 'Customer Document Rule'.

Coming Soon

We will be adding functionality to utilise the new "Email Scenarios" functionality that is now available in Business Central.

We will be adding the ability to automate the sending of document batches.

The extension currently targets Version 16, but is fully compatible with Version 18. The next release will target Version 18.


For information on how to update the extension or how to check which version you have, click here.

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Older Versions

New Functionality

Issue Resolutions

Coming Soon

The initial release for AppSource. Astral Send has been around for 10 years now, but only as a 'C/AL' module implemented for the customers of Tres Tria.