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Assisted Connection Setup Wizard

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This topic will show you how to establish the connection between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and your GoCardless merchant account.

In the search bar type 'Astral GoCardless Setup' and select Astral GoCardless Setup from the list.

Astral GoCardless Setup.img

Figure 1 | Astral GoCardless Setup

The Astral GoCardless Setup page will open (figure 2).

Astral GoCardless Setup Page.img

Figure 2 | Astral GoCardless Setup Page

Click on 'Assisted Connection Setup' in the ribbon and the window in figure 3 will open.

Assisted Connection Setup Window.img

Figure 3 | Assisted Connection Setup Window

Click on 'Next' and create your GoCardless Account (figure 4).

Create GoCardless Account.img

Figure 4 | Create your GoCardless Merchant Account

If you already have a GoCardless Merchant Account, scroll down the page and click on 'Sign In'. Then enter your credentials and click on 'Connect account' (figures 5 and 6).

Already have a GoCardless Account - Sign In.img

Figure 5 | Already have a GoCardless Merchant Account - Sign In

Already have a GoCardless Account - Connect Account.img

Figure 6 | Already have a GoCardless Account - Connect Account

Once you have created your GoCardless Merchant Account, you will see the window in figure 7.

Successful GoCardless Connection.img

Figure 7 | Successful GoCardless Connection

Now that the connection has been established, it needs to be 'Activated' in Business Central, by clicking on 'Next'.

Astral GoCardless Assisted Setup Window.img

Figure 8 | Assisted Connection Setup Window - Next

Once it has been activated you will see the GoCardless Setup Status. This shows the Status of your account with GoCardless (typically ‘Action Required’, ‘In Review’ or ‘Successful’). If the Setup Status is anything other than ‘Successful’, a new browser window will open taking the user to GoCardless’ Onboarding landing page. Click on 'Finish'.

Astral GoCardless Assisted Setup Window - Finish.img

Figure 9 | Assisted Connection Setup Window - Finish

Now the Astral GoCardless Setup page should look like figure 10.

Astral GoCardless Setup Page.img

Figure 10 | Astral GoCardless Setup Page