Astral GoCardless - Help:

Role Center

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There are two ways to access Astral GoCardless in Business Central:

  1. Business Manager Role Center (figure 1)
  2. Astral GoCardless Role Center (figure 2)

Business Manager Role Center.img

Figure 1 | Business Manager Role Center

GoCardless Role Center.img

Figure 2 | Astral GoCardless Role Center

Change to the Astral GoCardless role center by clicking the cog on the top right of Business Central, and selecting 'My Settings'.

Click My Settings.img

Figure 3 | Click On My Settings

Within the Role field, click on the three dots (figure 4) and change the Role to Astral GoCardless (Figure 5).

Change The Role.img

Figure 4 | Change The Role

Select Astral GoCardless.img

Figure 5 | Select Astral GoCardless Role Center