Astral GoCardless - Help:


To install Astral GoCardless, go to Microsoft AppSource and search for 'Astral GoCardless' using the search function.

Astral GoCardless on AppSource.img

Figure 1 | Astral GoCardless on AppSource

Once on the Astral GoCardless extension page, click 'GET IT NOW'.

In the next window, click on the Privacy confirmation tick box and then 'Continue'.

Privacy Confirmation.img

Figure 2 | Privacy Confirmation

The download will begin on your Dynamics 365 Business Central system and you may be asked to select the database you want this installed into.

Select Database to install on.img

Figure 3 | Select Database to Install on

Select this and click 'Install'.

Next, choose the Language, then click 'Install'.

Select Language.img

Figure 4 | Select Language

You will receive a confirmation message that the extension is being installed.

 Download Confirmation.img

Figure 5 | Download Confirmation

Once the Extension is installed, you will notice a notification at the top of your Role Centre in Business Central prompting you to continue the Setup process.


Figure 6 | Business Central Notification

There are two assisted setup wizards:

Both need to be completed before you can use Astral GoCardless.

Help instructions for these can be found in sections 3 and 4 of the Astral GoCardless Help index.