Astral Time


Coming soon to Microsoft AppSource

Astral Time is a desktop application (in the form of a floating toolbar) that allows your employees to quickly and efficiently record their timesheet entries against Customers, Projects & Project Steps. With additional dimensions of Contact, Work Type and Case Reference. The data is synchronised to the cloud, and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Extension part of the solution brings the data in to your Business Central system for billing purposes. The data is auto-synched from both sides, and there are some out of the box (but extendable) rules allowing the data to be monitored for correctness and completeness.

The concept of the floating toolbar started out as an “always available” area for recording tasks, auto-stamping the start and end times. Its initial design was to provide employees with some assistance when completing monthly timesheets. However, we soon realised that it had much more power as a complete time recording system.

Initially designed as an in-house time recording system for Tres Tria in 2008, we are pleased to be making the solution available from AppSource in the not too distant future.

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