Astral GoCardless - Help:

Astral GoCardless Setup Image

Your GoCardless creditor record will have been enabled with at least one Direct Debit Scheme. If you have customers in other countries, you may also have other Schemes available to you. Details of the schemes covered by GoCardless are available here and include:

  • Bacs - UK
  • SEPA - Eurozone
  • BECS - Australia
  • Autogiro - Sweden
  • Betalingsservice - Denmark
  • PaymentsNZ - New Zealand
  • PAD - Canada
  • ACH Debit - United States

With Astral GoCardless, all of these Schemes are now available to you for use within your Business Central system; you simply need to request that additional Schemes be made available to you in your GoCardless Merchant account. Furthermore, with GoCardless' "International Payments (aka "Borderless Payments") you don't even need to worry about the additional costs of setting up and maintaing foreign bank accounts. Further information on GoCardless' International Payments can be found here.

Bank Holiday Calendar Code

Astral GoCardless will suggest a Payment Date based on the Scheme's "Minimum Advance Notice Days". By default, it will exclude weekends. If you want to have the system suggest a Payment Date that also incorp[orates Bank Holidays, you will need to create a Base Calendar and enter the Bank Holidays in to the Calendar. Please note that this is Advanced Configuration, and Astral GoCardless will work fine without a Base Calendar; you will just need to manually check the date before creating a Payment Batch, if you think that a Bank Holiday may affect it.

Success +

Details of GoCardless' Success + (aka Intelligent Retries) can be found here. Please note that it is only available for certain schemes.

Success+ automatically optimises your failed payment retries, using recurring payment intelligence to schedule retries on the optimal day for each customer. Success+ helps businesses to efficiently recover, on average, 76% of payments that initially fail