Astral Pay - Help:

Mail Order/Telephone Orders

Should your customer wish to provide Card Details over the phone, it is possible for the user to enter these in to a Business Central page. This can be actioned from the Card and List pages of the Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, and Posted Sales Invoices. It is also possible to request ad-hoc payments from the Customer List and Customer Card.

At no point are the card details stored in Business Central. In fact, the page where the user enters the card details is just an iframe displaying content that is hosted by Stripe.

Before attempting a MOTO payment, there is a small amount of setup required. Firstly, by default MOTO payments are not enabled on your Stripe account. Therefore you need to reach out to to request that MOTO payments are enabled.

Once enabled, Astral Pay is not able to confirm that MOTO is enabled via the Stripe api, and you therefore need to open the Astral Pay Setup page and use the ‘Enable MOTO Payments’ toggle switch to enable the functionality in Astral Pay.

Astral Pay.img

Figure 1 | Astral Pay Setup Page

To take a MOTO Payment from the Posted Sales Invoices page, select the invoice and click ‘Stripe MOTO’ from the Actions menu.

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Figure 2 | Posted Sales Invoices Page

The following window will be displayed.

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Figure 3 | Stripe MOTO Window

The user should enable the ‘Save Card’ switch if the card can be used for future payments, and enter the ‘Credit or Debit Card’ details. For testing purposes, please take a look at for a list of test card details that can be used for your required currency. On entering one of the United Kingdom test cards, the ‘Visa’ sign is displayed, and the ‘Post Code’ field becomes available.

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Figure 4 | Save Card

The user will now click ‘Submit Payment’, to complete the process and a ‘Payment successful’ dialog will be displayed.

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Figure 5 | Payment Successful Message

As this is a synchronous process, the Stripe ‘charge’ and Stripe ‘balance transaction’ are retrieved and posted immediately.

A new ‘Payment Batch’ will have been created with a single ‘Payment Entry’.

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Figure 6 | Payment Batch Window

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Figure 7 | Astral Pay Payment Entries

In the example above, the transaction actually failed to post to the ledgers. The ‘Transaction’ entry was stored, but the ‘Posted’ field is not ticked, and the invoice is not showing as paid.

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Figure 8 | Transactions

The reason for this is because we have not informed Astral Pay of where the funds should be posted to. We know one side of the entry (the customer and specifically the invoice). On the Business Central Notifications we can see a Notification about the ‘Stripe Balance’.

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Figure 9 | Stripe Balance Notifications

This is covered in more detail in the ‘Stripe Balances’ section. After setting the Bank Account that should be posted to, future payments will post through entirely, with the payment showing on the Customer’s ledger, and the Invoice being fully allocated.