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Stripe Balances

When Credit Card Payments are collected, the funds are transferred (less fees) to your Stripe Balance. There will be a separate Stripe Balance per Currency and per ‘Source Type’. A ‘Source Type’ can be a ‘Bank Account’, a ‘Card’ or an ‘Fpx’. Therefore you may have multiple ‘Stripe Balances’.

Once Astral Pay is connected to your Stripe account, the list of ‘Stripe Balances’ are downloaded to Astral Pay.

As mentioned above, when payments are collected from your customers, the funds will be placed in to one of your ‘Stripe Balance’ accounts, and will remain there until they are available to be paid out. For this reason, the ‘Stripe Balance’ should be treated as a ‘Bank Account’ in Business Central. As such, a Payment can be posted to the Customer Ledger and the Bank Ledger, meaning that the Customer Statement and Aged Receivables reports will be a correct reflection of the status of the Customer’s account.

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Figure 1 | Stripe Balances

In order for payments to be posted, Astral Pay needs to be informed as to which ‘Bank Account’ in Business Central it relates to. Therefore, you should set up a new Bank Account (if one does not already exist), and enter it in to the ‘Stripe Bank Account’ field, as shown above.

Each time Astral Pay is aware of a new ‘Stripe Account’, a Notification is raised to the user to let them know that the Business Central Bank Account needs to be specified:

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Figure 2 | New Stripe Balance Rolce Centre Notification

If the ‘Bank Account’ is not specified, the Stripe Charges will be downloaded as normal, but the underlying ‘Balance Transaction’ will not be automatically posted. This will mean that there will be no postings to the Customer Ledger or the Bank Ledger. The ‘Unposted Transactions’ Role Center Tile will show a count of transactions that are yet to be posted:

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Figure 3 | Unposted Transactions Role Centre Tile