Astral Pay - Help:

Stripe Customers

Each time a Stripe ‘payment_intent’ or Stripe ‘charge’ is created, it is created against a Stripe Customer. Stripe customers will have a number that starts with ‘cus_’, and they can only be invoiced in a single currency. For this reason, a Business Central Customer may have a relationship to multiple Stripe Customers.

In Business Central, select ‘Stripe Customer Mapping’ to see a list of the Stripe Customers that have been created within Astral Pay. The entries can be created in multiple ways:

  1. When a Paylink (or Save Card link) is sent by email by Astral Pay, a Stripe Customer will be created
  2. When a Mail Order / Telephone Order payment is taken by Astral Pay, a Stripe Customer will be created
  3. When a third party Stripe Partner Application creates a payment, if integration is enabled (see Third Party Stripe Partner Applications section), if integration is enabled, Astral Pay will either post the transaction to a Generic Customer, or will create a new customer based on a Customer Template.

When Stripe Customers are created in the Stripe Customer Mapping table, a link to the Business Central Customer is held. Furthermore, if the Stripe Customer has a payment method, this is also created in Business Central, and also whether the Payment Method was saved for future use.