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Astral Reports

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Astral Reports is the most user friendly Excel Reporting tool for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Astral Reports

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Only available for Business Central versions 15 and onwards
Astral Reports
Effortlessly integrates with Excel

Harness the dimensional analysis already in Dynamics 365 Business Central within Excel.

Astral Reports
Save time when creating reports

Astral Reports gives you access to pre-built reports that harness over 170 predefined functions.

Astral Reports
Easily link to Business Central

Easily pull data from Business Central to populate reports.

Harness the Dimensional Analysis already in
Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Astral Reports

Powerful yet effortless reporting

Astral Reports for Business Central is a simple to use yet powerful Excel based reporting tool, created specifically to extract data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Now you have the ability to report from 'any table' and 'any field', straight out-of-the-box. Even custom ones.

The functions have been designed specifically for 'high level reports', such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss or Management Accounts. These are typically summary level reports that do not require vast amounts of transactional data to be extracted from the system. The functions utilise the 'Flowfield' technology within Dynamics 365 Business Central, and as such, each function is tuned to retrieve data from the system in an efficient manner. They do not attempt to perform complex queries using inefficient keys, and will therefore not place a large burden on the performance of the database server.

Once installed the functions will be visible in three places. Firstly a new 'Astral Reports' Menu Ribbon will appear on the toolbar, secondly, a new function category 'Astral Reports' will appear in the Insert Function wizard, and finally, the cell Right-Click menu will contain two additional options.

Produce accurate reports based on your

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central data

With your knowledge of Excel, you are already 90% trained in using Astral Reports for Business Central. Each function is intuitively named, making it easy to find what you are looking for. With easy to use wizards to guide you through the setup of each function. Astral Reports for Business Central has been specifically designed with managers in mind. Whether you are a Financial or Management Accountant, Departmental Manager or the Managing Director, Astral Reports will allow you to build graphically rich, glossy reports, which are instantly updated at the click of a button.

Built within Microsoft Excel, expect seamless integration and an intuitive learning experience. The solution was first conceived back in 1997, becoming Astral Reports in 2004. It is proudly sitting as the most intuitive reporting tool available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Astral Reports


Standard Features - from £25 per user per month

*Premium Features - from £35 per user per month

Drilldown Functionality

Available on selected functions

Predefined Functions

Over 170 predefined functions

Available for Business Central

SAAS or On Premise

Available for Office

2016 onwards

Multiple Connections

Ability to create multiple connections

Report From Any Field and Any Table*
Report On Unlimited Dimensions*
Ideal for Consolidation

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