Astral Reports - Help V5:

Business Central Filters


Business Central filters can be supplied to the functions via the formula parameters. The normal Business Central rules apply to these filters. The symbols that can be used are as follows:

| = or

.. = to

& =and

For example:

21800|22000 denotes codes 21800 and 22000

21800..22000 denotes codes 21800 through to 22000

An example of more complex filter strings could be:

<>21800&<>22000 denoting not equal to 21800 and not equal to 22000.


When passing in filters that are integers, care must be taken if the first number of the integer is 0 (zero). For example, if the account codes are in the range of ‘0001’ to ‘9999’, and the required filter is ’0001’ where the value is entered into a cell on an excel worksheet, excel will format the value as being ‘1’.

To resolve this problem, a single quote should be entered before the 0001 so that excel knows that the entry is in fact text. I.e. enter ‘0001 into the cell.