Astral Reports - Help V5:


1. The function returns ‘#Company#’.

This is due to an incorrect company name being passed into the company parameter. Note that this parameter is case-sensitive.

2. The function returns ‘#AUTH#’.

The connection to the Business Central Web Service could not be established. Try using the Login Details form to Test the connection.

3. The function returns ‘#Filter#’.

A filter being passed into the function is too long. For example, if the Department field is 10 characters long and a filter is passed in as ‘HUMANRESOURCES|FINANCE’ the function will return ‘#Filter#’. This is because ‘HUMANRESOURCES’ is 14 characters long.

4. The function returns ‘#Field?#’.

This may occur within the BC_SInvField, BC_NavSInvLineField, BC_NavSCrMField or BC_NavSCrMLineField where the function requires the user to enter the caption of the field that is required. The caption that has been entered cannot be found within the Business Central database.

5. The function returns ‘#PERMISSION#’.

The data requested has been restricted against the user ID that you have logged in as.

6. My Account code is ‘001000’ and the function returns the wrong value.

Typing ‘001000’ into a cell in excel will cause excel to format the input into a number. Therefore the function will in fact use ‘1000’ as the account code. When entering the value into excel, enter a single quote “ ’ ” before the ‘001000’. This will ensure that excel will not format the entry into a value.