Astral Reports - Help V5:

The 'Get Table' Macro

The ‘Get Table’ macro will quickly populate the current column with a list from Business Central.

Astral Reports Get Table Figure 1.img

Figure 1 | The Get Table Icon

To run this macro the following should be performed:

Select an excel cell that you would like the list to start from.

Enter a filter that you would like to apply to the table. For example, if the G/L Account table stores account codes between the range 1000..9999 and you would like to retrieve the accounts between the range 1000..5000 then enter 1000..5000 into the selected cell. Note that if all accounts are required, the contents of the cell should be deleted.

If after entering a range, the active cell moves to the next row, reselect the cell as per point 1 above.

Select ‘Get Table’ from the ‘Astral Reports’ ribbon menu, and select which table to retrieve a list from.

Astral Reports List of Tables to Choose From.img

Figure 2 | List of Tables to Choose From

As can be seen, the add-in provides a choice of sixteen tables to choose from. After selecting one of these tables, the ‘Business Central Companies’ form will appear.

Astral Reports The Dynamics NAV Companies Form.img

Figure 3 | The Business Central Connection & Company Form

Select both the connection and company.

Astral Reports Get Table Figure 4.img

Figure 4

If the table selected is the G/L Account table, the user will be able to choose whether to include Totalling Accounts.

You can select whether you wish to populate the entries across the rows if required, and also whether to copy any formula that is in the adjacent cells downwards in cells adjacent to the values that are retrieved.


Should you wish to copy down adjacent formulae, the formula will only be copied if there is no blank column to the left of the formula.