Astral Send - Help:


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To install Astral Send, visit the Microsoft AppSource website, and in the search bar type in “Astral Send”, selecting Astral Send. Once on the Astral Send extension page, click on “Free Trial”.

Astral Send on AppSource.img

Figure 1 | Astral Send on AppSource

In the dialogue window that opens, click on the Privacy confirmation tick box (1) and then click on “Continue” (2):

Astral Send Privacy Confirmation.img

Figure 2 | Privacy Confirmation

This will now begin the installation of the Astral Send Codeunit onto your Business Central tenant and will open Business Central on the ‘Extension Installation’ page. Click on “Install” and a message will appear that shows it is being downloaded in the background.

Astral Send.img

Figure 3 | Extension Installation on Business Central

The download should only take a few seconds. Once complete you should see a new notification appear on Business Central. Click on “OK”.

If you do not see the notification, try refreshing your screen.

Astral Send Successful Installation.img

Figure 4 | Successful Installation