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Configuring Documents

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This details how to configure the four document types to be sent to eversign. The four document types are Sales Orders, Service Orders, Service Contracts and Job Quotes. Each of the four document types has its own tab in the setup page. In this scenario only the setup for Sales Orders is covered, but the setup is the same for each of the four document types.

In the search bar type “Astral eversign Setup” and select “Astral eversign Setup” from the list.

The Astral eversign Setup page is shown as below:

eversign Setup Page.img

Figure 1 | eversign Setup Page

To enable the sending of a document, the 'Enabled' switch must be set to on.

Documents can be sent in Sandbox mode. This means that no charge is made by eversign, but the document is marked as not legally binding. This mode should be switched on for internal testing.

The Report ID is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central report ID of the report document that will be sent for signature. By default, on installation of the extension, this is set to the default document set in Report Selections – Sales for Orders.

The Message field enables the user to set a default message to be sent with the document. This has a default value on install but can be edited.

It is possible to set the positions that the three signature boxes appear on the signed document. These three signature boxes are Name, Signature and Date. By default, if no settings are made, these boxes appear on an additional last page of the signed document. The figures below outline the setting of these position fields. Figure 2 shows these boxes on a document. Figure 3 shows the fields available to set their positions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Note that all or none of these parameters must be set. If none are set, then the three fields are placed in the default position at the end of the document. The fields X Position, Y Position, Width and Height are all measure in pixels.

Signature Boxes On Document.img

Figure 2 | Signature Boxes On Document

Fields Available To Set Signature Box Positions.img

Figure 3 | Fields Available To Set Signature Box Positions