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Creating A Payment Batch

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As you add more and more mandates, you will be saving time by running a weekly or monthly payment collection process for multiple customers. You will therefore be creating a Batch of payments as opposed to processing individual payments. To create a 'Payment Batch' click on 'Payments'.


Figure 1 | Payments

The Payment screen will open.

Click on ‘New’ then ‘Create Payment Batch’.

Payment Screen.img

Figure 2 | Payment Screen

The routine will pick up posted invoices within the parameters you set.

Create Payment Batch Screen.img

Figure 3 | Create Payment Batch Screen

NOTE: When you post a Sales Order or Sales Invoice, if you haven’t selected a GoCardless Mandate on the Invoice Fast Tab then do NOT toggle on the “Only Invoices with Valid Mandate”.

NOTE: We recommend that you do not toggle on the “Include Mandates that are Pending” switch. Some Mandates will remain as pending when they are awaiting a manual process in relation to dual signatures.

Payment entries that fit your parameters will then be created.

Payment Entries.img

Figure 4 | Payment Entries

Any errors at this point will be notes against the payment entries.

Payment Entries Errors.img

Figure 5 | Payment Entries Errors

Select your payment and then click on ‘Process’ then ‘Send to GoCardless’.

However you can also do this from the Payment Entries screen and there are more options such as Retry and Resend, so see the next section for more details on Submitting Payments.

Send To GoCardless.img

Figure 6 | Send To GoCardless

The tiles on your Role Centre will show the Status of your current payments.

Status Of Current Payments.img

Figure 7 | Status Of Current Payments

Failed Payments will appear in the Failed tile once the Notification from GoCardless has been processed. A failed payment is one with a status of Failed, Customer Approval Denied or Charged Back.

Payments that have been successfully collected will appear in the payout you receive from GoCardless for the scheme. These can be viewed via the Payouts tile.