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VAT On Fees

If GoCardless charge VAT on their fees in your country we would suggest that rather than posting the Fees to a G/L Account in the Income Statement, that you instead post the Fees deducted from each payment to a “GoCardless” Vendor Account. Then, at the end of each month, GoCardless will provide a monthly VAT Invoice, which would account for the Net Fees and VAT. The various payments throughout the month would then be allocated to the Invoice as a series of part payments.

The method for posting the Fees is covered in the Assisted Application Setup Wizard. Alternatively, open the 'GoCardless Creditors' list page.

Astral GoCardless VAT On Fees.img

Figure 1 | Business Central GoCardless Creditors

On the 'GoCardless Creditors' list page, click the 'Creditor ID' field to open the 'GoCardless Creditor' card page.

Astral GoCardless VAT On Fees.img

Figure 2 | GoCardless Creditors Page

And choose values for the 'Fees Account Type' and 'Fees Account' accordingly.

Astral GoCardless VAT On Fees.img

Figure 3 | GoCardless Creditor Card