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Currency Triangulation Differences

There is a potential scenario where Currency differences may occur due to the triangulation of currencies. An example of this scenario is as follows:

In this example, when the Payout is posted to the ledgers, the Payout will specify the exact Exchange Rate of USD to EUR, but to post in to Business Central, we need the Exchange Rates for USD to GBP and EUR to GBP. For this reason, the journal created will use the Exchange Rate held within Business Central’s standard Currency Exchange Rates table for the rates for USD to GBP and EUR to GBP. This will lead to a potential Triangulation Difference, especially if the GoCardless Merchant is a Pay-As-You-Go user, incurring Fees on each Payout.

For a numerical example of this difference, a $120 payment could result in a €105 Payout. To record this in Business Central, the Credit to the Customer of $120 may equal £96 (at an exchange rate of £1 = $1.25), and the Debit to the Bank of €105 may equal £100 (at an exchange rate of £1 = €1.05). This will lead to a triangulation difference of £4 (£100 - £96).


Figure 1