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Currency Triangulation Differences

Under certain circumstances, the posting of a ‘Balance Transaction’ may lead to their being a currency difference. For example, if the Currency Exchange Rates that are held in Business Central mean that if converting GBP to EUR, and then EUR to USD, and finally USD back to GBP does not give the number value of GBP that you started, a ‘Triangulation Difference’ will have occurred.

An example of how a difference may occur is if you have set the Local Currency of Business Central to a different currency to the Bank Account currency that you use for Stripe and collect in a different currency to either of these.

When such a difference occurs, the auto posting of the transaction will error and you will need to post the transaction using the ‘Create Journal Only’ option. You will then need to review the journal before posting it.

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Figure 1 | Post Stripe Transaction - Create Journal Only