Astral Pay - Help:

Set Permission Sets

Search for ‘Permission Sets’ and click on Permission Sets from the options.

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Figure 1 | Search Permission Sets

On the Permission Sets page, the ‘A365AP ASTRAL PAY’ Permission Set is included, which you can use 'as is' to give full permission to the Astral Pay functionality or you can use it as a reference for creating your own permission sets.

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Figure 2 | Permission Sets Page

If you select the 'A365AP ASTRAL PAY' permission set and then click on 'Permissions' in the ribbon, you can see the permissions included in the Astral Pay permission set (see figure 3 and 4).

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Figure 3 | Permission Sets Page

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Figure 4 | Permission Sets Permissions

So, to add this permission set to a User Group, go to User Groups in the ribbon of Permission Sets.

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Figure 5 | Add Permission Set to User Group

In User Groups, select the User Group you want to add the permission group to and click on 'User Group Permission Sets' in the ribbon.

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Figure 6 | User Groups Page

In User Group Permission Sets, you can click on the three dots in a new line and add the ‘ASTRAL PAY’ permission set for that User Group.

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Figure 7 | User Group Permission Sets

If you want to add the permission straight to the user, please go to 'Users'.

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Figure 8 | Users

Click on the user in the User list, to open the User card.

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Figure 9 | Users Page

On the User Card, go to the User Permission Sets FastTab, click on the three dots in a new line, which will open the Permission Set Lookup page, on which you will select the ‘ASTRAL PAY’ permission set to add to this user.

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Figure 10 | User Card Permission Sets