Astral Recurring Invoices - Help:


The Astral Recurring Invoices extension allows users to create agreements for repeat invoices in Dynamics 365 Business Central. It also provides advanced functionality for releasing Deferred Revenue (and Deferred Expenditure) to the Income Statement.

This extension offers far more functionality to a business than the standard Business Central “Recurring Sales Lines” function. The user can setup template invoices for a customer and decide how they wish to bill that agreement in a variety of different periodic combinations.

Astral Recurring Invoices has a 30-day free trial period. The trial will automatically end and you will need to submit the Buy Now form to begin billing. Please note, that by submitting the form you are not purchasing straight away, the team will be in touch shortly after submission to set up your billing info. Once this is done they will confirm activation.

If you decide you would like to go ahead and purchase the extension, there is no need to for any additional setup as the setup and credentials from your trial can be activated.

To begin, firstly download the extension from AppSource, click here, or navigate to AppSource and type in "Astarl 365" selecting "Astral Recurring Invoices".

ARI Create Recurring Invoice Introduction.img

Figure 1 | Search AppSource

Then Select 'Free Trial' to begin the download.

ARI Create Recurring Invoice Introduction.img

Figure 2 | Select Free Trial

You will then be redirected to Business Central where you will need to pick which environment you would like to download to if you have multiple set up.

Select the 'Language', and select 'Install'.

ARI Create Recurring Invoice Introduction.img

Figure 3 | Select Language

The extension will then be downloaded.