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If the User to use Astral Recurring Invoice is a SUPER User, then no further setup is required, continue to the next section. However, if the Astral Recurring Invoice User is not a SUPER user, they will need a SUPER user to add them the permission set for Astral Recurring Invoice.

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Guidance on how to setup Astral Recurring Invoices.

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Guidance on how to make printing the Recurring Invoice Agreement Terms mandatory.

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How to create a Recurring Invoice template that acts as an agreement between yourself and your customer.

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Use Placeholders to standard invoice Comment text.

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Configure the Recurring Invoice Schedule for either daily, weekly, monthly and yearly invoicing.

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How to print the Recurring Invoice Agreement

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Instruction on how to create Sales Invoices from Astral Reccuring Invoice Templates.

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Instruction on how to update the Astral Recurring Invoices extension and how to check your current version.

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Setup & Configuration

Create Recurring Invoice Templates

Configuring Schedules

Print An Agreement

Create Sales Invoices

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