Astral Recurring Invoices - Help:

Role Center

Astral Recurring Invoices includes some changes to the “Business Manager” Role Center. The first addition is the 'Recurring Invoices' drop-down menu:

ARI Role Center.img

Figure 1 | Recurring Invoices Drop-Down Menu

The 'Setup' drop-down includes all areas where additional configuration can be made and is discussed further in the Setup & Configuration section.

The second addition is the Cue section:

ARI Role Center.img

Figure 2 | Recurring Invoices Cue

From the Cue’s you can access the 'Recurring Invoices' and 'Open Deferred Entries' (also available from the drop-down at the top of the Role Centre, but also have a visual cue of whether there are any invoices to be created - based on the 'Work Date') or Invoices that need to be posted.

NOTE: 'Work Date' is a Business Central setting that by default is set to 'Today'. It can be changed by opening 'My Settings' within Business Central.

ARI Role Center.img

Figure 3 | Changing the Work Date - Settings

ARI Role Center.img

Figure 4 | Changing the Work Date - My Settings

Setting the 'Work Date' is a useful tool when you are processing documents for the month end close, as it is used for the default 'Posting Date' on new sales/purchase invoices.