Astral Reports - Help V5:

How to Recalculate

Select the Recalculate Icon from the new “Astral Reports” Ribbon Menu to recalculate all the Business Central 365 functions on the current worksheet.

Astral Reports Recalculate Figure 1.img

Figure 1 | The Recalculate Icon


It is good practice to include a “Criteria” sheet within your report to store the common data which will be passed into the function parameters. This criteria sheet will probably contain a field for the “Company Name” which will be used in every function that retrieves values from Business Central 365.

Astral Reports Recalculate Figure 2.img

Figure 2 | Criteria Sheet

By re-entering this cell (F2 and Enter) excel is forced to recalculate every function that links to this cell in the entire workbook.