Astral Reports - Help V5:

The Options Form
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Figure 1

The Options form allows the user to configure Astral Reports for the following:

1) The Language

By default, Astral Reports For Business Central installs with just the ENG language pack. However, should you wish your users to use a different language pack, simply copy the Default.xml file within the C:\Users\'User.Name'\AppData\Local\Programs\Astral 365\Astral Reports For Business Central\Languages directory and rename it to the culture value for your chosen language.

If you are unsure of the culture value, select the language from the DropDown list, and if the language file does not exist, it will display a message that contains the culture value.

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Figure 2

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Figure 3

2) The Data Set Age (Milliseconds)

Since Astral Reports for Business Central uses Web Services to retrieve information, there can be quite a lot traffic to and from the Web Service, especially if the Excel Workbook contains thousands of similar formulas. To reduce the amount of traffic, and hence speed up the response times, each data request gets a full dataset of information, and not just the record for the cell currently being refreshed. For example, if you want the balance for G/L 1110, it will get the balance for all G/L's and cache the data, expecting that the next cell will require one of these records.

The Data Set Age (Milliseconds) setting informs the system how long it is before the data in the cache is deemed to be stale data in need of refreshing. For example, if the setting is 1000 (1 second) and the cache is populated, a pause of 1 second between cell calculations will mean that a new data set is obtained. The concept here is that the setting must be high enough to allow for a whole workbook to refresh but low enough that if the workbook is refreshed again, it will grab new data.

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Figure 4